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Response to Al Melvin

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Posted: Wednesday, March 20, 2013 4:00 am

Consider Rep. Melvin’s statement that “Wind and solar are nice, but they cannot power private sector industry more than the 1 to 2 percent they are doing now.”

Arizona’s 2012 residential electrical energy consumption slightly exceeded commercial consumption. Residential solar photovoltaic systems will pay for themselves in about 7-10 years and are much less polluting than the coal- or gas-fired power plants that generate most of Arizona’s electricity.

Why are solar panels not installed as a standard system in new construction, just like plumbing, gas, and electrical? Standard systems are a necessity today; however, there was a time when they were considered add-ons for eccentrics or progressives who didn’t want to cook with wood, light with kerosene, or go to the bathroom in an outhouse.

Arizona will truly prosper when we become energy independent, one key to that is harnessing the solar power that exists in abundance here.

The answer is not necessarily creating more utility capacity. Solar panel farms take up space and decrease habitat. Isn’t it more efficient to use your rooftop to provide your energy needs?

We can free up our plant-based electrical capacity for those industries and consumers who are unable to utilize solar.

Why not? One answer - revenue. About 1/3 of your utility bill is taxes or charges, not actual power consumed.

I’m disappointed that Rep. Melvin is looking after the interests of the utilities and entities that benefit from fees and taxes rather than all of Arizona as a whole.

Jobs and independence; residential solar benefits Arizona.


Paul Christiansen,


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  • RealPatriot posted at 6:39 am on Wed, Mar 20, 2013.

    RealPatriot Posts: 12

    Renewable energy cannot be the total solution at this point, but we need to pursue its development so we can wean ourselves off of fossil fuel. This is the way ahead, not sure why Senator Melvin wants to stay in the past.


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