In the last two Oro Valley candidate forums the subject of “civility” has been discussed.  And the tenor of the discussion indicates the two challengers were pointing the finger at the incumbents (Hiremath, Hornat, Snider and Waters) as the source of the incivility. I believe Councilman Waters properly addressed the matter by saying that to disagree is not being uncivil. However I must agree that there is a lack of civility on the part of three sitting council members, none of whom are currently running for election.

I’ll give you three glaring examples but there are many others that can be documented.

Councilman Burns, during the town council meeting of Feb. 20, 2013, publicly dressed down a senior staff member in open session. His comments were, in my opinion, condescending , improper and uncivil.  I took the liberty to write the council to point this out and suggest  he apologize for his rude behavior. I received a return email from Councilman Burns stating that I was “a bully and a coward.” Is that civility?

I don’t need to remind the citizens of this community of the total lack of civility exhibited by Councilman Zinkin.  His conduct cost taxpayers $8,520 to investigate the allegations leveled against him. According to a recent editorial in the Explorer, the results of that “third party investigation revealed the allegations were likely true”.

And lastly, where is the civility in Councilman Garner referring to the police department as being a bunch of prima donnas and thugs?

From time to time there is a lack of civility. But’s let’s make sure we know the source of the cacophony.


Don Cox,

Oro Valley

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