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Agree with editor’s column

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Posted: Wednesday, January 8, 2014 4:00 am

I have to agree with many issues that Thelma Grimes dealt with in her editorial on things that we could have just as easily missed in 2013.  The thought of seeing Miley Cyrus looking as though she has slipped into the manic phase of her life makes me dizzy and gives me a wave of nausea.  The ineptitude of the Obamacare website makes me shake my head - how can Ebay and Facebook have millions of hits a day and function just fine but have something vitally important be such an example of amateur technology?  And let’s not even get started on how bizarre the whole Paula Deen and Duck Dynasty faux pas of political righteousness of the incorrect form evolved.  I cannot bear the thought of even seeing any part of the Anthony Weiner anatomy or any more of the drug-crazed antics of the Mayor of Toronto.

I also feel complete disgust with the Lance Armstrong lies.  The only issue not mentioned that makes me even more disgusted and causes me pause for thought as to why are we seeing this, is the amount of articles dedicated to the bad blood between Zinkin and Hiremath.  Enough already!!

Happy 2014!


Dixie Davis,


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