I just finished reading two, not one, letters from a true right-winger.  As usual, he picks and chooses his facts to try and bring fear into his letters.  I was taught that the first “Military Advisors” to enter Vietnam were during the Eisenhower administration.  I also noticed that he failed to mention the Wars of George W. Bush.  Trillions of dollars and thousands of lives were and are being wasted. They still haven’t found the “WMD’s” but they now have “democracy” and are rid of the worst leader ever. This from a leader who went AWOL by refusing to take a flight physical.  I was flying over the Ho Chi Minh Trail at that time.  I know that you are probably saying that President Obama didn’t fight in that war.  He was too young.  Your last nominee for President was too busy teaching the French about the Mormon Faith and Clinton was being a Rhodes Scholar.  At least they were fulfilling their commitments. The only thing your party has accomplished in the House as been voting against a health care program 60 times.  You also want to bring back “coat hanger” abortions, refuse to admit that climate change is a fact and that all of the problems are caused by unions or members of a certain race. 

Some day you may actually read and think about what you write and claim to believe.  A look into the mirror would be amazing and educational.


Kurt A. Ohlrich,

Oro Valley

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Check your healthcare cost on October 1st before espousing how wonderful it is going to be. The fact that Pelosi and company didn't bother to actually read it before passing it was one of the most absurd admissions ever uttered by a politician.

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