We’ve had enough of the “lynch mob”.  For months we have nothing but lies, distortions and innuendoes about Mike Zinkin.  Now that not enough people signed the petition for a recall, our Mayor has to spend thousands of town money in an attempt to prove his distortions are true.  I personally heard one of our councilmen loudly proclaim, “He (Zinkin) called a woman a “slut”.  I don’t use that language in my home.” We know that is a lie.  But it’s typical behavior of the “lynch mob”.

Instead of getting rid of someone who only wants the truth, could we rid ourselves of the “Gang of Four” who won’t tell the truth and only want to plunder the town’s largesse?


Brenda Ryan,

Oro Valley

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A Citizen

If you are arguing that the rhetoric among politicians and activists in this town should be dialed down a notch, I wholeheartedly agree. But is equating the attempted recall of Mike Zinkin (who is not entirely innocent here) to the systematic hanging of African Americans in Antebellum America really the best way to move ahead? I somehow doubt it.

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