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In the great State of Arizona, we have rules for hunters: While bird hunting a shot gun with no more than a three shell capacity is to be used. A shotgun is not to be used for large game, deer, elk, etc. These rules are in place to protect the species we hunt for food from being over hunted and to insure that future generations have access to enjoy the outdoors as we do now. I have never heard any of my friends who hunt complain that their Second Amendment rights have been taken away due to these rules. They understand it is for the good of us all that we adhere to these rules.

Also in the great State of Arizona, six people were killed, and more wounded by a by a gunman with a hand gun and magazine designed to kill people...people, and our Governor and her associates believe if more people had those type of guns we would be better off.


The opening line of the Second Amendment states: “A well regulated militia.” How well regulated are all the organizations in our country who call themselves “militia”? Seems to me the only time we see these people is when, A: they are blowing up a building full of innocents. B: they are killing innocents with guns that are made for just that purpose. C: complaining that someone is infringing on their rights to have access to the materials needed to accomplish A or B. If these people were foreigners we would call them right-wing radicals or terrorists. In America, they call themselves patriots. I call them cowards. 


Joseph Ryan,


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John J Flanagan

Mr Ryan is overdoing his commentary on gun control, and looking at it emotionally. People in our state who own guns for self defense are not cowards, but primarily reasonable individuals who, unlike liberals and progressives, grasp a very realistic and sober view of the dangers in our violence prone culture.
Rather than become the statistic, the victim, and rather than allow their loved ones to die at the hands of a predator, these folks arm themselves. If you want to label this group of Americans as extremists or radicals, go right ahead. They are indeed patriots who love God, country, family, and the millions of gun owners in America are very responsible people.
There are solutions to gun control and there are already laws on the books and a legal system to deal with it. Improvements can be made, but the Second Amendment must still be respected.
Mr Ryan may express his views, but I will wager a bet that should some nut break into his home and threaten his family at some point in life, and I pray this may never happen, but if it did and he was unarmed, his mind would be changed on gun control.


Mr. Ryan is spot-on! Our country (and AZ in particular) is very unsafe to live in because there are too many "patriotic" vigilantes like Flanagan just looking for an opportunity to score a citizen-kill. I think the owners of the semi-automatic assault rifles should go out and shoot at targets fashioned to look like their children and grandchildren. Then they would have half a chance to understand why the Newtown victims' relatives and other sane citizens have a legitimate emotional investment in serious gun control.

John J Flanagan

Scratchbaker, no for certain I am not a vigilante, nor do I have that mentality. As a former Sgt in the Marine Corps, I was a qualified sharpshooter on the M14, M16, and M1 rifles, and qualified with the .45 Pistol, as well as with the M79. In combat during the Vietnam war, I carried a loaded weapon most of the time, except when in the rear areas.
One who is familiar with these weapons knows their capability and is safety conscious. Since I live in a safe area of Oro Valley, I presently do not own a weapon, however, should the circumstances change, or if I lived in an unsafe area of Tucson, I would not hesitate to purchase a hand gun. I am not the type of person, as you describe, who is anxious to score a "citizen kill." For you to suggest that displays your complete ignorance of the subject of gun ownership. I have known many police officers who carried guns for decades and as a group, safety and use of deadly force are of the utmost importance. I am tired of people like yourself labeling those of us who are for the second amendment as vigilantes, when it is far from the truth. However, your perceptions and reality are not subject to change as your mind is set. A disarmed population is fine with you, until the time comes when there are no police around and only the criminals have guns.

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