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Does growth in OV have a limit?


In your article from the Chamber of Commerce town growth seemed so desirable, but does the growth of Oro Valley have a limit or a cost?  

Unlike the famous housing bubble that would never burst until it did, growth has an impact on taxpayers.  The cost of municipal services per household can be limited by how much taxpayers can pay because historically more homes equal more needed services, which equal higher taxes.  

In October, I asked the Oro Valley Planning Board if they considered this impact before approving more growth and they responded that they did not consider it.  When I called Pima County they informed me that Oro Valley should make those impact calculations and directed me to call to the finance department of Oro Valley.  Ms. Lemos, from that department thought the town manager might know that information.  After a few weeks his office informed me that they too were unaware, but surely the planning department would know.  Chad Daines, from that department, called to tell me that at long last, they too were unaware of that cost to each homeowner.  

Does anyone in the town know the average cost of municipal services per existing household?  If my taxes presently support services for 40,000 residents, how much will they increase if Oro Valley expands to 80,000 residents or even 100,000 residents?  

More residents might be great for business but how much will that cost the average taxpayer?  Is that number worth knowing?


Paul Baker,

Oro Valley