Guns are not the problem

I enjoyed the letter under “You Say” in the July 25 edition from Doug Mitchell.  His ramblings about a gravely-tragic event gave me quite a chuckle. His words “purchase and use an AR 15 semi-automatic military assault rifle, two Glock .40 caliber handguns and up to 6,000 rounds of ammunition enters a movie theater and opens fire,” shows very well that he has no clue what he is talking about. The weight of two holstered hand guns and a shoulder sling carried AR is a pretty good load in itself.  6,000 rounds of ammo.  Oh really.  A man can carry 6,000 rounds of 22 ammo, but not much else, and would not be able to wield 3 firearms in the process.  The sheer weight of 6,000 rounds of .223 and .40 caliber ammo, which is what the AR and Glocks would take, is something no human could possible carry.  This is pure fantasy on the part of Mr. Mitchell.

This is the type of ignorant, knee jerk, reaction that leads to wide-spread hysteria about any type of tragedy of this magnitude. And of the weapons of choice.

As long as there are people in the world set upon doing evil, there will be evil events. The weapon of choice remains an inanimate object, unable to perpetrate any evil of its own free will until the person determined to perpetrate evil puts those objects into motion.  These objects may include knives, guns, hammers, box cutters, razor blades, poisons, bacteria, rocks, swords, lumber, explosives, flammable liquid or a 56 Buick for that matter. People have been killed by all of these and more inanimate objects.

Dan Harvey,

Oro Valley

Community concern in action

While driving south on Rancho Vistoso Boulevard this past Saturday afternoon, I experienced  car trouble and was able to turn off of the Boulevard onto Woodburne Drive where my car came to rest out of the flow of traffic.

After turning on my emergency flashers and exiting the vehicle I called for a tow truck from the sidewalk.  While several cars passed by, to my surprise a car did stop to check on my welfare. The driver of the car was Councilmember Joe Hornat.  While we were discussing my situation, Oro Valley Police Officer E. Woodward stopped as well.

Councilmember Hornat and Mrs. Hornat were returning home from Saturday errands and insisted I wait for the tow truck in their air conditioned car and going so far as to offer me cold water.

With storm clouds looming, oppressive humidity, and the unknown estimated time of arrival of the tow truck, it is very gratifying to know that an elected official personally acted responsibly in the interest of a citizen.

By the way, there was a “police officer around when you need one”.

My sincere thanks to Councilmember Hornat and Mrs. Hornat for their assistance and of course officer Woodward for his concern.

Linda Shatto,

Oro Valley

Obama has nothing to hide

Re: to Randy Gregg’s letter in the July 25 edition of the Explorer

Randy Gregg better stop watching Fox News and listening to the GOP garbage spread over the radio and television ads.  

First of all, Obama doesn’t have anything to hide.  It is Mitt Romney that lies constantly and states he didn’t say whatever subject comes up.  He forgets that there is videotape of what he said.  The GOP have made a mess of our economy.  They have ignored the federal legislation, especially the House and in the Senate have held up or killed any Obama legislation that would help the average middle class family.  

If Mr. Gregg wants to give back to the government any checks that he received, he is more than welcome.  That goes for SS, Medicare, etc.  

All Mitt Romney has going for him is the money from up to 24 millionaires.  What is Mitt Romney hiding that he doesn’t want to show his tax returns and accounts in the Swiss banks, etc.

Remember it was your party (GOP) that put us in this economic mess.

Peggy Hartsuck,

Oro Valley

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Ms. Hartsuck; The facts to do back your statements. At the least there is blame to go around against both parties. I remind you that the democrats had control of all three branches of government from 2008 to 2010 at which time the voters took away the house. During the first two years the democrats could have pushed through anything they wanted and did not. Additionally, it should concern you that the democratic controlled senate and the lack of leadership on the part of POTUS have not passed a budget during Obama's entire term to date.

Granted, former President Bush could have pushed harder against the abuses by Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac who were authorizing home sales to those who did not qualify by any stretch of the imagination. Compounding this failure of leadership by Obama appointees and the likes of Barney Frank who, in the face of impending financial disaster, pointedly informed the electorate that everything was fine followed almost immediately by fiscal collapse on a world-wide basis. I caution you that your supposition that those who disagree with you do not obtain all our information from FOXNEWS, etc. Most investors saw this one coming referring to it as irrational exuberance based on faulty loan procedures, bundling of subprime mortgages (losers) with good loans, and failed Keynesian fiscal policies. A perfect storm of failure made worse by cronyism both political and financial.

As for Romney, he does not have to provide tax year submissions beyond the two he has, or is in, the process of providing. This is all smoke-and-mirrors anyway to keep the conversation away from this administration's total failure on all fronts on the conduct of his presidency. Let me put this to you gently as possible. Our taxes will go up if for no other reason than to pay off our trillions in debt. Depending on the age of your primary physician you may have a problem finding another one if he/she dies or retires since no physician in his right mind would opt for medicare/medicaid when he/she could make more money treating patients in the private sector. If the best you can come up with is that Romney is a millionaire, you better start checking up on democratic party machine millionaires beginning with the Obama's, Harry Reid, and Nancy Pelosi. Question your sources and your assumptions. If you believe what they are telling you because it sounds good and pleasurable; i.e. hope-and-change, you have been and continue to be "had." Basic economics put lie to the spin.

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