In his column of May 14, Richard D. Brinkley examines the evidence (well, some of it) and concludes that global climate change is a massive hoax being perpetrated in order to inflict “one world government” on suffering humanity. As the clincher he cites the Global Warming Petition Project, a document signed by more than 31,000 “scientists” rejecting global climate change.

Ah, but what constitutes a “scientist”?

According to the project’s own website: “Signatories are approved for inclusion in the Petition Project list if they have obtained formal educational degrees at the level of Bachelor of Science or higher in appropriate scientific fields.”

That’s a pretty low bar. Fewer than 4,000 of these “scientists” are (again, according to the website) “trained in specialties directly related to the physical environment of the Earth and the past and current phenomena that affect that environment.” In  other words, only about 13 percent of these “scientists” have any expertise in climate science or anything connected with it. 

And fewer than 10,000 of them have a Ph.D. in any field.

One could probably go out and find 31,000 people with bachelor’s degrees who are willing to sign a petition saying the sun revolves around the Earth. It’s the Global Warming Petition Project – and Brinkley’s column – that are hoaxes, not global climate change.


Bruce Miller,

Oro Valley

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John Flanagan

We have always had "climate change." It is all complicated, but how much to attribute to auto emissions, carbon, industrial pollution, must be examined closely. Even the brightest PH.D scientists often disagree with one another, and they form a hypothesis or an educated speculative theory. Conservation is essential....but unless you get major polluters like China to cooperate, and you can order natural volcanoes to cease emitting lava....this issue will go on and on.

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