In response to E. Echkhoff “problems with hospital billing”. We have been victimized by the same hospital, and it has been a sore spot with me ever since! In March of 2010, my son was scheduled for a sleep study at the building next to the OV Hospital. There is no way to get into that particular building after hours. We were told to go to the OV Hospital ER and someone there would contact the staff in the other building and someone would come over to the ER and get my son. No wristband, no insurance card given to OV Hospital ER, no nothing done at the hospital. The lady at the ER simply made a call. Someone came from the other building and got my son for the sleep study test!! A while later, we received a bill from OV Hospital for $500. I did what you did Mr. Echkhoff - I talked to the billing office, to a manager or supervisor, etc. They had no reason to collect $500 They did not care and threatened us with a collection agency!! Bottom line; my son had to pay them the $500. Through payments because he could not afford to pay the entire amount! Just recently I had to go to ER for a medical condition. Even though I had to get there quickly. I refused, and was driven to NW Hospital. I want nothing to do with the unreasonable people at OV Hospital. In fact, I still want the $500 refunded to my son. No one deserves to be treated like we have been, Mr. Echkhoff. I seriously think an investigation should be conducted.


Bruce Marquis,


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