According to your article by Chris Flora, voters in Oro Valley will be asked to decide how much money they will approve to provide municipal services. Although the council uses the term Home Rule one has to wonder if it is just “code” for approving proposed urban sprawl and the secondary property taxes to pay for it. 

This town council regularly approves variances for more building density which increases the costs for municipal services. Their mantra seems to be “Bigger is Better” as long as the taxpayers pay for that growth. Take the Naranja Town Park for instance. In recent memory the previous town manager, Dave Andrews, predicted that the $55 million dollar price tag to develop the park would require a secondary property tax. When that was put to a public vote, it was defeated. Since its founding, Oro Valley has never had a secondary property tax to pay for increased services that are caused by irresponsible building growth. 

Perhaps the real November vote should be to have all future changes to our Master Plan voted on by a community that does expect better fiscal management. How big should Oro Valley grow before the average homeowner can no longer afford to live here?


Paul Baker,

Oro Valley 

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Sadly, Mr. Baker is mistaken. The "home rule" option was established by the AZ legislature using a formula developed in the 1970's (adjusted annually). If the home rule option is not approved, Oro Valley's budget would be stripped down 60% due to that outdated formula. Approval of the home rule option merely lets a municipality set a budget amount that is equal to its revenues (or even less than its revenues in order to bulk up its "rainy day fund."). Such an option must be submitted to the voters every 5 years.
Any voter who votes against the home rule option as a way to protest some issue or another is only hurting everyone in the community. Most OV voters understand this, which is why it has continued to be passed overwhelmingly. There are other ways to influence construction, budget, planning, etc., but this is not one of them.


Mr. Baker, I seriously hope this is a tongue-in-cheek comment about the planning and budgeting of the town. Certainly you don't think that eliminating Home Rule would be some perfect way to slow down the "urban spawl" that you believe is occurring. The fact is that Home Rule allows the town to provide such excellent amenities like excellent roads, excellent public safety services, improved parks and recreation, etc. If Home Rule were to go away.....and this is no exaggeration....the town's budget would be reduced by 60%; many of the employees would be fired, and services would suffer greatly. We'd be the next City of Tucson (as far as roads and publid safety). Not the outcome you want, I'm sure.


I think it should be a requirement that if you are complaining about the growth and new parks being developed in Oro Valley you should have to state your age. I have a sneaky suspicion that a majority of the complaints are coming from those who feel that Oro Valley is and should always be a retirement community. I have a family that I am raising here in Oro Valley, I work in Oro Valley, and I welcome the growth. Most of my friends and co-workers who call OV their home feel the same way. Please let OV become a family oriented city. If you are retired and don't approve of this growth there are two wonderful retirement communities just north of OV that will never be "over developed," and will never have anyone under the age of 55 living there. Thank you for your understanding.

Lleva Corbata

Is Mr. Paul Baker aware that there is no property tax in Oro Valley?

How does this make it likely to be unaffordable for the average home owner if there is no such tax?


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