Senator McCain visited Oro Valley this past week. During his initial remarks on a host of topics, he twice mentioned foreign visitors over-extending their visas, and we are not able to track them. 

I was thinking to myself as he said those words, that it seems Washington doesn’t have the energy to solve this problem or they would have done so by now. 

I raised my hand several times during the question period, but I was not called upon. I wanted to ask this question: If we don’t have the energy to solve this visa problem by itself, how should we believe that burying this in an 850-page, Obamacare-like packaged Immigration Bill is going to get it resolved? 

I walked away thinking how could Senator McCain, Senator Flake and others get this and other related issues fixed?  Maybe one at a time. - visas (“background checks”? Did they attend the school? Where are they now? Time to return?) -  E-Verify for all employee hiring - pregnancies illegally rushed into our country and given birth at tax-payer expense to be naturalized citizens, and all that follows.    It would seem that attacking basic problems in baby steps would be simpler and more focused, and much easier to track progress.  And, the American public could understand it.

Now, about that border!

John Spitler, 


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