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Letters to the editor published in the January 18, 2012, edition of The Explorer.

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Posted: Wednesday, January 18, 2012 4:00 am

Franzi wrong about liberals

Mr. Franzi wrote (Explorer, 1/4/12) that liberals would not be missed in 2012. He irrationally concluded that liberals are not concerned about quality education for children, but only seek more money for unions and political allies. This fallacy is to say that since Group A and Group B support the same ideal, Group A must be subservient to Group B. To be fair, liberals have also been known to employ this rhetorical device. Liberals have accused Franzi’s radical right of being owned by the corporatists because they invariably vote consistently with the Wall Street bankers and the Chamber of Commerce moguls. That doesn’t necessarily mean that the far right Republicans are owned by the bankers and corporations; it only means that they share the same ideals; e.g. corporations are people, money is speech, and workers have a right to only five cents an hour above involuntary servitude (unless someone in Bangladesh will work for four cents an hour). Liberals are not subservient to teachers unions, but they share the same value placed on public education and dedicated public school teachers. The empowered far right, conversely, purposely wreck public education by defunding it, scapegoat the wreckage they caused on the teachers, and then demand privatized alternatives.

Their strategic failure to keep mandatory prayer in public education has led them to the alternative of destroying public education, and confiscating taxpayer dollars to fund religious schools. This exposes their true value of indoctrinating children above educating them.

Grant Winston, Tucson

Franzi incorrect about Mathis

Emil Franzi falsely accuses Chris Mathis of being a Democrat and claims that his wife, Independent Redistricting Commission Chair Colleen Mathis, is therefore a Democratic shill.

Of course, both Mathis’ are registered Independents and have contributed to, and supported candidates and campaigns of both Democrats and Republicans.

But, if Mr. Franzi is truly concerned about spousal influence, he might well turn his attention to Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas whose wife, Virginia, receives hundreds of thousands of dollars from conservative organizations including $700,000 from the Heritage Foundation.

These groups have a direct interest in cases that Clarence Thomas has already ruled on (Citizens United vs. Federal Election Commission, for example) and similar ones that he will rule on in the future.

Worse yet is the fact that Thomas falsified his annual income disclosure forms for 13 years by his failure to reveal his wife’s earnings. After being caught, he has filed amended forms. Criminal sanctions can be brought for such a failure.

Perhaps Mr. Franzi will lead a movement to impeach this tainted Justice and restore integrity to the court.

Doug Sanders, Tucson

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1 comment:

  • vet66 posted at 12:08 pm on Wed, Feb 1, 2012.

    vet66 Posts: 18

    Mr. Franzi wrote (Explorer, 1/4/12) that liberals would not be missed in 2012. He irrationally concluded that liberals are not concerned about quality education for children, but only seek more money for unions and political allies.

    Grant Wilson; I don't see how the conclusions reached by Mr. Franzi can be characterized as irrational. Have you been following the epic battle in Wisconsin where Governor Scott Walker took on the public employee unions and won? The liberals then initiated a "recall Walker" that will probably fail as the citizens of that state will scrutinize the recall signatures for fraud and take exception to the whining liberals who did not get their way in the election that brought Walker to power.

    Our current Governor Brewer is about to tackle this thorny issue in Arizona. This will exercise the liberals and public sector unions who will invoke the standard boilerplate "...think of the children", the fire department will worry that our houses will burn down because of fewer firefighters, and the law enforcement will sound the alarm for murder, mayhem and chaos.

    This is all nonsense as the only changes will be the requirement that these employees will have to share the cost of their health care, retirement and attrition reducing administrative personnel. In short, they will have to act like people in other professions who already share the costs.

    Note to the Public Sector Unions; your leaders will have to decide where to allocate scarce funds as PSU's are forced to face fiscal reality. What are the choices? Spend money to recall Walker in Wisconsin as his plan has balanced the budget with no layoffs? Fight Governor Brewer in Arizona who will do the same thing in Arizona? Send union money to reelect President Obama this year? Those are tough fiscal choices just like the choices facing responsible Governors and Legislators who rightly understand the current fiscal situation is unsustainable in the public sector.

    We cannot afford the spending orgy that has been going on for too long. Spending more does not guarantee better results. Competition, responsibility and accountability will generate the best results.


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