Yesterday, Aug, 4, I received eight robot calls on my home phone from various primary candidates running for office in Arizona. I also have received “survey” polls asking me skewed questions like, “ Do you think candidate so and so is really a conservative?” It is usually followed by a statement I have paraphrased as follows.....” Did you know that this schmuck wants to take away your social security, and open the borders to Irish pub crawlers from Dublin?”

  Once I was arguing border problems with a fellow Irishman and I told him, “ Even if a thousand Irish guys were coming through the border illegally, I would still be against undocumented aliens coming in! “. To that he said, “ Yes, we can’t let them in. There’s not enough beer.” 

  The robot calls will keep coming until my write in ballot is stamped in. I can hardly wait. As an independent voter, it is nice to get so much attention, but sometimes I lament the old days, when party bosses on all sides met in smoke filled rooms and decided who runs and who doesn’t, but heck, that is why some candidates wound up being less than the best.

I find the primary system is flawed by the nasty public relations experts who furnish outright false ads, mislead voters, spin the record, and cast innuendos and unjustified attacks on one another. I suppose it is the rough and tumble of American politics. I have already cast my write in vote. I hope the men and women I supported will win. Also, I hope the American people will become more attentive to the details and hidden agendas of legislation, develop some thought about the character and background of candidates, and become more independent and objective about the political reality and direction our country has taken. Also, Americans need to put more faith in the Constitution and the role of the states and the federal government....and we want to be governed, not ruled, by despotic politicians who do not respect our institutions.    


John J Flanagan,

Oro Valley

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