Celebration for Coyote Run work

I have often heard it said that it is better to give than to receive. That is what happened Feb. 9 at the beautiful Fairwinds Assisted Living Facility, an oasis in our desert. 

The Fairwinds graciously hosted a reception for The Friends of Coyote Run to thank the drivers and staff of Coyote Run.  Our stellar service will continue but is now part of the RTA.  The Friends of Coyote Run thought it befitting to gather and celebrate the eight months of diligence in working with the Oro Valley Council, Steve Solomon and Lou Waters, and the representative of the RTA, Carlos De Leon. 

Last week, the council approved the contract with the RTA, and the blending of our Coyote Run and the RTA was birthed.  Thank you also to Fry’s at Lambert Lane and La Cañada for the cake.  It was the perfect end to the evening. 

The room was full of laughter and voiced gratitude. The celebration was for the victory in fulfilling a promise to the citizens who depend on Coyote Run.  The service will continue and already promises to offer more.  Patrons should expect some growing pains, but should feel confident that The Friends of Coyote Run will continue to provide support.

The highlight for me was witnessing true gratitude from the drivers, the council, the friends group, and the humility of the staff of Coyote Run. 

Whether the driver was a volunteer or paid employee, I heard how their love for their work was all that mattered.  It was the selfless hours of service by a few that reaped such great success.  I wish that more people in our community would latch on to a cause. Become involved.  Interact with others. 

Work toward resolve and witness what I did tonight...a community of excellence.

Being thanked for the work accomplished is rewarding.  Believing in a goal and working alongside the like-minded and reaching that goal is empowering. 

Carol Hunter, Friends of Coyote Run

County administration a major concern

It’s Wednesday morning and I just read my Explorer.

I am so pleased to see that Pima County Administrator ‘Huck Chuckleberry’ is soooooooo concerned over what he views as the county taxpayers getting ripped off over that wastewater management facility.  To quote him: “We don’t want our rate payers to be short changed.”

I couldn’t agree more. In fact, I would like to see that same enthusiasm carried over into other departments.

My suggestion is that we start at the top in the County Administration offices. It is my opinion that the taxpayers of Pima County are ripped off every day because we are being grossly “short changed” at the County Administrator level every day. The amount of money we pay, in return for the fiscal oversight we receive from Mr. Huckleberry is sinful.

It’s far past time for a change at the top.

Let’s hope that when we elect county officials we look for those who are willing to seek new leadership at the top levels of County Administration.

Don Cox, Oro Valley

Upset with council members’ behavior

We had the regret of sitting in front of several members of our town council today at the Candidate Forum. We were mortified to listen to the negative, snide remarks made as the various candidates spoke. Joe Hornat, Mary Snider and Lou Waters behaved in a dishonorable manner not only in front of constituents but in a public forum.

It is an embarrassment to have council members act with such incivility toward the candidates. Acting this way publicly only leaves us to question, how do they act behind closed doors while deciding the fate of our town? Their behavior was a true display of the unprofessional traction in our current town council.

Glenn Davis, Oro Valley

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