At the Nov. 20, Oro Valley Town Council meeting Councilwoman Snider made reference to a Certificate of Appreciation from the City of Prescott, thanking the Oro Valley Police Department for lending assistance to that community in the safe escort of some of the bodies of the 19 fallen fire fighters that perished in the Yarnell fire. 

Specifically, four motor officers and the OVPD pick-up truck departed Oro Valley at 3 a.m. for Prescott. The truck and trailer were dispatched to lend assistance should one of the motorcycles experience a mechanical failure.

Once in Prescott they provided escort for the bodies of the deceased firefighters. Upon completion of those duties they returned to Oro Valley around 7 p.m., thus completing a 16 hour day.

On Thursday, Nov. 21, the day after hearing Ms. Snider’s description of the duties performed,  Councilman  Mike Zinkin, fired off an e-mail to Town Manager Greg Caton.  Mr. Zinkin asked, “How much did this cost Oro Valley?” He also wanted to know, “How did this expenditure enhance the safety of Oro Valley?” and he asked, “Who approved this trip?” This information was obtained through a request for public information.

I believe Mr. Zinkin’s heartless questioning of the honorable actions of our police department to be loathsome.  Unfortunately it is what we have come to expect from this individual.  

Knowing the allegations against Councilman Zinkin (sexual harassment and racism) to be factual, convinced me to sign a recall petition and to support that effort.   For those who have not done so, his most recent actions should be convincing enough for you to make a decision to do so.  To allow him to continue to represent our community for nearly three more years is a mistake.


Don Cox,

Oro Valley

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