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Seriously, Mr. Mayor?


The lump of coal you placed in the stocking of the Zinkin family, and the stockings of all Oro Valley citizens via the last Explorer, was contemptuous. Not only was the timing completely insensitive, the content was little more than a collection of rants. So much for “Peace and Good Will,” right?

For a mayor to take this kind of action is, I believe, unprecedented, and only speaks to your amateurish approach to politics. As a former direct report to two mayors in the City of Seattle (where politics were, believe me, more cutthroat than in our town), I can attest that neither of those mayors (or any before or since) would stoop to this kind of public attack on a sitting councilmember.

Your vitriolic diatribe was clearly a lame attempt to “jump start” what is certainly a failing effort to gain petition signatures in the misguided attack on Mr. Zinkin. It also reveals that your frequent calls for “civility” only apply to those with whom you agree. The appropriate way to deal with Mr. Zinkin would be to put up a candidate and defeat him at the polls, something I suspect you know you couldn’t accomplish.


Michael Schoeppach,

Oro Valley