Mr. Greco conveniently left out the two most recent wars: Iraq and Afghanistan, both started by President Bush.  What happened to the Iraq oil that was going to pay for the war there?  Bush started out with a budget surplus he couldn’t wait to spend, and the U.S. now has a huge deficit.

An employee who apparently wasn’t ‘vetted’ properly had the gall to ask, at the last shareholders’ meeting, why Walmart executives received huge bonuses when the employees’ hours were being cut and many had to take second jobs.  She never got a satisfactory answer.


Gini Brydle,

Picture Rocks

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We need a leader, not a poser-in-chief that seems to thrive on TV exposure and playing as many rounds of golf as he can fit into his schedule.


Given the ongoing state of the economy she is fortunate to have a job, and she can always move to another one if she believes it exists and will be more comfortable and profitable.

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