Planned Parenthood helps many

Ms. Humphrey (letter 3/7) obviously opposes abortion and I respect that. After all, I’ve never actually met anyone who was “pro-abortion.” What I can’t respect is her inflamatory misrepresentation/smear of Planned Parenthood.

Planned Parenthood provides basic health services to women regardless of income. Ninety percent of their care is preventative. Last year alone, they provided 770,000 pap smears, four million tests for STDs and 750,000 breast exams. Three percent of their work is abortion related (Senator Kyl please note).

Ms Humphrey writes they are “not in the business of fighting breast cancer.” I beg to differ. My wife’s breast cancer was found during a Planned Parenthood breast exam. It hasn’t been an easy journey, but she is alive today and our kids have their mother thanks to Planned Parenthood. I am sharing our personal story here to make the point that we are not some isolated case. Real people, people you know (daughters, sisters, mothers and their families) benefit from this organization’s work.

Listen, Planned Parenthood, like any organization, probably isn’t perfect and they will always find themselves in the midst of controversy (real or contrived) due to the nature of our politics. But their mission of providing women’s health services is honorable.

Dana Whitson, Oro Valley

Misspelling Tucson – Really?

U.S. Senate candidate Wil Cardon had an understandably bad day Tuesday when he released his first TV ad, misspelling Tucson. Spelling errors happen to each of us at some point. But this was a TV ad. It took time and planning to make. It required editing and oversight to produce. If a detail like that slipped past candidate Cardon, isn’t it fair to wonder what might slip past him as our next senator?

Michael Bastidas, Tucson

Disgusted with Rush Limbaugh

I enjoyed your editorial entitled “What’s a flapper?”  What a good, fun way to introduce “American women’s history” to young minds as you mentioned.  The hard part would be to bring the topic up to date.

How can I explain to my granddaughter that it is OK for Rush Limbaugh to spout hurtful, hateful insults to women and other “minorities” for years and years and to label an innocent student a “prostitute” and “slut?” It is not ok. We have tried to ignore him by turning him off, but his influence persists. I have to wonder why he has a license to pollute the minds of the public under the guise of “humor.”

Many – female and male – have been inspired by the U.S. Army’s slogan “Be all you can be.” Perversely, Limbaugh evidently has it “in for” all women who try to achieve, calling them “femi-nazis” and other pejorative terms. His latest rant on Sandra Fluke has gone on for days and days – practically beyond belief...

This distorted, mean, vile slander cannot pass as freedom of speech. Limbaugh hasn’t even had the grace to listen to what Ms. Fluke actually said in her testimony. Instead, he made it up and took flight from there.

Limbaugh’s nauseating verbal assaults have unleashed an outpouring of outrage and grievances from men and women across the country. Through repeatedly misusing his opportunity to express himself through media, Limbaugh’s offensive, spiteful words and overall distorted content grossly misinform the public.

In conclusion, I am sure of this: the removal of the boviating buffoon Limbaugh from TV and radio would be an important step in relieving our airwaves and impressionable listeners from a damaging double standard that should have died a natural death years ago.

Kathleen Pastryk, Oro Valley

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