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Letters to the editor: Week of February 27

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Posted: Tuesday, February 26, 2013 4:30 pm

Politicians work for us

Some people in politics don’t seem to get the word. They work for us. They do not impose upon us their will. The debate over gun control is long over and yet these idiots do not seem to want to give up. The debate was long ago settled by the American public and the Supreme Court of the United States. I wonder what part of the “shall not be infringed” statement of the 2nd amendment of the Constitution of the United States they don’t understand.

Now for the real reason for this letter. I had lunch the other day with a lady that had just retired from Canyon Del Oro High School. Her job at Canyon Del Oro was an Instructor/Counselor in the Special Education Department. She explained that part of the “Special Ed” department was a support group for mentally ill students.

Mentally ill students are schooled much as are the students in general school population with the addition of intense counseling and treatment. All contacts with the student are designed to render him/her able to cope with the social and educational requirements of the general population of the school. After being returned to general population they are encouraged to visit and return as often as they feel the need for support.

I wonder why this program was never publicized. At lunch on that day was the first I have ever heard of the program and I had children that attended CDO. This program should be federally funded, expanded, and copied by all schools in the nation. Mass school shootings would soon be drastically curtailed.

In as much as the perpetrator of these mass shootings have all been found mentally deficient, the identification and treatment of these students before they disparately act on their delusions is certainly a desired objective. Kudos CDO.


John Lyon,



Disgusted with OV spending

I am disgusted by your article regarding the costly burying of electrical lines on Oracle and Tangerine.

It is absolutely ridiculous our community would rather pay 2.1 million dollars for an unobstructed view. We wonder why in the Town of Oro Valley we have a reputation for being considered a community of affluent, elitist old geezers.

Maybe it is because of extravagant, vain and completely pointless distribution of community wealth such as this that incites these rightfully irritated views.

We have Town council members that would rather support these vapid expenditures and secure their political position instead of supporting the growth of our community through intellectually necessary costs towards public education, the library, things that are the developmental footholds of our youth’s intellectual growth in so doing supporting our own futures.

Is it not enough to be reminded there are struggling people in our nation alone, children that are starving and you’d rather waste 2.1 billion so you can see a mountain range clearer?

I am ashamed to live in a community, to pay my taxes to support a community as arrogant as this and shame on those of you who supported this trivial splurge and for wasting our money and futures on pure aesthetics.


Noelle Rush,

Oro Valley


Loved Explorer story

Thanks for the great story about Hannah Johnson. She is an inspiration to all teens. These are the kinds of stories we need more of in our newspapers. Keep them coming.


Patricia McGrath,

Oro Valley

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