Cathi Herrod and her husband, Michael, a Maricopa County Superior judge both have law degrees. Cathi is president of the Center for Az. Policy. This group strongly supported SB1062.

 It’s time for the people of Arizona to wake up and realize this group, and the members of the Az. legislature that voted for this bill are actually hurting the state’s economy

Intel,Petsmart. American Express, Starwood Hotels and others opposed this legislation for good reason. Please remember these words the next time you vote, “justice for all.”


Michael Colbert,


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John Flanagan

When it comes to hurting the economy, sure wish Obama didn't jam through his socialized medicine program, a poorly conceived piece of legislation that will hurt the average citizen far more than anything Cathi Herrod and her organization could ever do. Herrod has as much a right at the table as Obama and his buddies on the left. This is America.


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