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Cast vote for change


love the way these incumbents running for re-election are touting their “proven leadership”

Let’s take a good look at what they have “proven”. 

They certainly have proven they are capable of polarizing and dividing this town like I have never seen in the 11 years I have lived here. 

They have proven that they are vicious and vindictive individuals that will stop at nothing to attack anybody that dares to disagree with their positions.

They have proven that as a group they have no compunction or hesitation to attack a good man’s name and reputation because he is a thorn in their side by taking an opposing view that they don’t like.

They are willing to attack anybody that dares to breathe a word about an independent audit of our police department budget.

They have proven that as a citizen of Oro Valley you only have a right to speak at council meetings if they want you to.

These are not qualities that I expect from a council that is for the people. This is more like a cartel that has read Richard Daley’s playbook on Chicago style politics.

I, for one, am fed up with this childish nonsense and I am ready to cast my vote for change so that we can once again move this town that I love forward and do what’s right for everyone and not just the chosen few that have gotten into the good graces of the Cartel 4. 


David Berry,

Oro Valley