A Sun City history lesson

This is my response to the Explorer letter titled “Private Matter,” by Linda Stiegler in the April 11 edition, reprimanding the earlier article by Michael Burk. 

My wife and I, and most of our neighbors, who have lived here many more years than our many new baby boomers.  So they won’t think Mr. Burk a solo voice, we all totally support that opinion, and this is where the disagreement manifests itself.  Our Staff and Board refused to consider opposing points of view.  That is exactly why this proposal was defeated. This group, on one hand was not drawing from any past performances, for whatever reason.  My wife and I however, have lived here for seventeen years full time, and while living here that amount of time, have seen many issues.  I feel qualified to give this group of newcomers  to Tucson Sun City a history lesson.   

I would urge this group of people to ask any staff or board member, past or present, who can point to just one expansion proposal they supported, which has ever come in on budget.  Not once, in our 17 years nor any of the 25 years this community has been in existence. 

In fact, not only has not one come in as proposed, but have exceeded estimates by as much as 1/3 to 1/2 over budget.  So we are being misled when this proposal is said to be a $2 to $2.5 million expansion.  Using my logical performance statistic would have made the cost of the Aquatic Fitness Center more like $3 to $4 million, when all was said and done.  So our proposed assessment of $767 would have been more in the neighborhood of $1,000 to $1,250 per household, to which we are already paying almost $1,600 Association Dues to this potential assessment, making a grand total of almost $3,000 and this is not including a $1,600  in property taxes that year.  In today’s economy, it is incomprehensible.  Many of our new baby-boomers’ are still working, so to them a $1,000 to $2,000 assessment bears no great hardship.  To those on the other hand, who are living on a fixed income, are not so agreeable to, nor able to do the same.   

All of our disagreement on this issue stems from a realtors’ point of view.  We were told that this 9,000 square-foot addition to our already existing 8,000 square feet of exercise space, would enhance our property value.  Some on our staff, as well as on our board, possesses realtor licenses to fantasy land.

Hopefully we can now come to some agreement on how best to resolve this issue.

That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

Victor Kurowski, Sun City

Taxpayers shouldn’t foot the bill

In your May 2 column you ask “- when did it become the responsibility of lawmakers to take on birth control issues?” I believe your question would be better stated if you were to write, “ - when did it become the responsibility of lawmakers, tax payers, to pay for a woman’s birth control?”

Further along in your discussion you state that, “If I want to use birth control, then it’s none of the state (sic) or my employer’s business.” To that I respond “amen”. It is only your business. However, it is also your responsibility to pay for your choice. You could select abstinence, it’s free, or any number of other methods.

You see Thelma “rights” come with responsibilities. It has always been that way. The problem we have today is that “progressives,” such as you, believe your fellow taxpayers should pay for your life style.

This becomes expensive and when added to all the other “freebees” adds to the nation’s deficit.

 Boris Baird, Marana


Character counts for all

As Mr. Brinkley pointed out last week—character does count in politics. Unfortunately, Mr. Brinkley’s column was riddled with factual inaccuracies, misleading arguments and ad hominem attacks. As a lifelong Republican, I know that I won’t agree with Mr. Barber on everything, but I do know that he and his campaign have presented his positions in detail and with factual basis.

If we are concerned about character, let’s at least be honest about where these candidates stand. If we disagree with them, let’s disagree—but the issues that Southern Arizonans are facing are too important to let this election devolve into a personal back and forth. We should examine the candidates’ positions on the issues that matter most to us here in Arizona.

With all that said, here are the facts:

On multiple occasions, Jesse Kelly has stated his support for the so-called FAIR Tax. This is a 23 percent national sales tax that would—according to the non-partisan Institute on Taxation and Economic Policy—raise taxes on middle class families by an average of $3,806 per year.

Jesse Kelly has stated many times that he wants to eliminate the minimum wage—at a time when many Arizonans rely on one and sometimes two or three minimum wage jobs—just to scrape by.

Jesse Kelly has said over and over that he wants to eliminate, privatize, or phase out Medicare and Social Security. For perspective, there are currently 933,435 Arizonans on Medicare and the 753,962 Arizonans who are depending on Social Security.

Jesse Kelly has stated that he would eliminate the federal Department of Education—which provides school loans and funding for our students here in Southern Arizona. Losing that funding for our schools will mean more teachers are laid off and even larger class sizes.

If Mr. Brinkley thinks that these statements are attacks on his candidate of choice, perhaps he should rethink his support. Because simply re-stating long-held views of a candidate isn’t an attack. If these statements reek of insulting policies that Arizonan’s can’t afford, maybe the honorable thing for Mr. Brinkley to do is vote for Mr. Barber.

Pete Hershberger, Oro Valley

Hoping voters’ memories are better

Gentlemen after reading your comments in the May 2, 2012 edition I have some of my own.  I wish to thank you for the prime example of Right-Wing selective memory.  If Jesse Kelly did not make his comments about Medicare in 2009, you guys had better tell him that he has a slamdunk case to sue for slander and maybe even libel.  I can mention some additional examples of memory lapses that have recently come into play.  Condemnation of the President, stating that he got Osama bin Laden, and your Presidential candidate talking about it “being an awful lot of money to get one guy.” 

I even remember something about an Aircraft Carrier, and then President Bush touting “Mission Accomplished” whether or not it was. “9/11” was in every speech he made when seeking reelection. 

I also have some recollection of Kelly’s family business and money from the Federal Government incentive program.  I do not know for sure if it was true or if it was offered and refused or returned.  I hope that it was unfounded but I would like to know one way of the other.  

 I sure hope that the voters have a better memory than you guys.

 Kurt A. Ohlrich, Oro Valley

Police dept needs housekeeping

This is in response to the open letter “Do we need to Audit the Police Department.” First of all, every audit can out as we want them to, and I disagree Oro Valley is not a wonderful place to live because of all the town services. (more like daily harassment) Mr. Price has lived all over the world and Oro Valley is a wonderful place to live because of all the town services. Give me a break, why aren’t we an example for every other Police department in this country let alone Arizona? I went to the Police station on Wednesday about 10 am, there were 6 ladies in the office, and one working, and the other 5 standing around talking is not an isolated case. As far as the evaluation of our police officers and the jobs they do each day to insure our safety, that’s why we hired them. I’ve had 5 to 6 show up for and incident, pure lack of discipline. We have Police officers that have no respect for their boss. Ask them. The Police Department needs a good house cleaning, not a fruitless audit at the taxpayer’s expense. I’m not a disgruntled citizen, just facing reality as the Police Department and the City should be doing.

Ron Thames, Oro Valley

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