Are we witnessing arrogance, insanity or corruption at work in Pima County government? County Administrator Huckleberry and Supervisor Valadez have proposed the county purchase land for $8.75 million so we can build more soccer fields. 

Is the county leadership really trying to convince us that we need even more land to add to a failed business venture? We still owe $10 million dollars on this underutilized Kino Stadium. 

Here’s a news flash for supervisors, if you want to encourage economic development how about you repair the roads in District 1 that have been failing for years.

You confiscate the road-repair funds from District 1 to punish Supervisor Miller for doing what Ann Day should have been doing for 20 years. You collude with special interests to divert the funds to a road that almost nobody will use and you want us to be quiet about it. You take even more property tax-producing land off the tax rolls and plan to increase our property tax to pay for your grandiose plans to build a soccer empire, but you have no contracts. I would think you learned your lesson with the recent EOC debacle. It’s time for a change.

Isn’t Pima County’s debt already more than twice that of all other other counties combined in Arizona?


Mark Finchem,

Oro Valley

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