Planned Parenthood flexes political muscle

Recently, we have seen how Planned Parenthood (PP) mobilized its enormous political, cultural, media and social network to smear the Susan G. Komen Foundation for wanting to discontinue their grants to Planned Parenthood. This amounted to $650,000 last year.

Planned Parenthood boasts a $1.1 billion revenue stream and is not in the business of fighting breast cancer. It is in the business of performing abortions of more than 300,000 a year, which accounts for at least one third of PP’s non-governmental clinic income. By accepting large subsidies from tax payers for rent, salaries, equipment etc., to the tune of $487.4 million or 46 percent of their revenues, they can use their other income to fund abortions, to lobby, smear, coerce anyone who disagrees with their position—congressmen, Health and Human Services or the President of the U.S.

The Planned Parenthood Organization has spent millions fighting legislative initiatives that the vast majority of Americans favor, requiring parental notification, informed consent and banning late-term abortions when the baby in the womb is viable. They recently opposed a bill to ban abortion for sex selection.

The Susan G. Komen Foundation, dedicated to fighting breast cancer and finding a cure, decided to give their money to organizations that have their mission, and not to organizations under congressional and criminal investigation. Planned Parenthood has allegations for failure to report criminal child sex abuse, misuse of health care and family planning funds and failure to comply with parental involvement laws regarding abortion.   A Facebook page was set up to defund the Komen Foundation and punish women for supporting Komen.

Now we have the hostage takeover of the Catholic Bishops by the Department of Health and Human Services under Secretary Kathleen Sebelius. She is ordering nearly all insurance plans to cover contraceptive and sterilization methods including the morning after pill due to intense lobbying of liberal religious groups and Planned Parenthood.

The Obama administration is forcing people of religious convictions to make a choice: serving God and their neighbors according to the dictates of their respective faith—or bending the knee to the dictates of the State– a frightening prospect.

Annie Humphrey, Oro Valley


A counter to Safier

Dave Safier’s opinion piece, “Students “stuck” in public schools?” was a mean-spirited attack on Craig Barrett, a person doing genuine good in our community.

We should be grateful that people like Mr. Barrett are working to raise the bar for education in Arizona. Kudos to those traditional public schools that are earning an A rating. Thirty-five schools in our area is what Mr. Safier quoted. Since he included schools from the Vail and Flowing Wells school districts in those ratings, “our area” must mean the greater Tucson area. Looking at the Pima County School Districting map, it looks like Tucson has eight different school districts with approximately 217 schools. Thirty-five of those got A ratings, that’s around 16 percent. Looks like some kids are stuck.

My children attend BASIS, and I was offended by Mr. Safier’s misrepresentation of our school. All kids with the desire to learn can succeed at BASIS. Struggling students are not “counseled to choose other schools”. They are provided with full academic support, including direct involvement with the head of school and additional time with their teachers before and after regular school hours. Failing students can even retake their comprehensive exams over the summer.

BASIS faculty makes our students the “cream of the academic crop” with their incredible dedication. The “clueless” Mr. Safier should do some research before he writes his next column.

Everyone should watch or read “Waiting for Superman” for the truth about education in America. Go Charters. You guys are leading the charge for change.

Angela Puffer, Oro Valley

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