What a great letter from Mr. Strangio regarding his frequent run-ins with the law here in Oro Valley.  

When I first came to Tucson, it felt like the Wild West with everybody speeding around like maniacs. Upon moving to Oro Valley, I was actually quite pleased that the OVPD cracked down on the speeding.  Ok...I was a little less exuberant after my first ticket. I agree that the fines are quite high but, as I understand it, the town actually sees very little of it. The obvious difference between us, Mr. Strangio, is that I’m a cheapskate. It only took that one ticket to increase my awareness and change my ways.  Actually, 41mph in a 30mph zone appears pretty fast when you’re watching the car zoom by your house.

Is the OVPD a little over the top in their enforcement? Yes, at times, they probably are. Truth be told though, there are a lot of older fogeys than you driving Oro Valley’s streets and I’m pleased if they’re getting scrutinized along with the rest of us.

Blaming OVPD may work for the first, maybe the second ticket...but the third? (fourth?, I mean, another week has elapsed since your letter!)  You sound like a great guy with a good sense of humor, I just hope that you’ll adapt before too much harm comes to your health or your wallet!


Dana Whitson,

Oro Valley

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