Ask any nurse who has worked longer than 20 years how the profession has changed and you may be surprised at the positive response you receive. Despite the flux and uncertainty of healthcare reform and the evolution to technology-driven, quantitative, cost-conscious healthcare, nurses today are respected professionals who play a vital role in providing safe and excellent care. They are no longer just caregivers and physician “helpers.” They are leaders and clinicians and highly skilled practitioners. And compassion is still at the core of all they do.

In a recent Gallup poll, nursing was rated the most trusted profession out of 21 professions – including teachers and the clergy.

At Oro Valley Hospital we share the same high opinion of nurses. From our Emergency Department and Urgent Care to our surgical suites, rehab floor, catheterization lab and our medical/surgical, telemetry and intensive care units, our nurses are capable of assessing, planning, implementing and evaluating care for patients as part of a multi-disciplinary healthcare team. Unlike nurses in the not-so-distant past who kept handwritten patient information on clipboards and distributed medicines room to room in little paper cups, today’s nurses are information specialists using electronic medical records and dispensing medicines through centralized and automated systems. 

There is one thing which hasn’t changed over the years and it is the compassion and support nurses provide to patients and their families. Being admitted to a hospital can provoke feelings of stress and anxiety in patients who are uncomfortable in unfamiliar surroundings and facing medical procedures. It is very often a nurse who is best suited to calm the patient’s nerves. A nurse can help manage the patient’s unease by providing education about treatment, addressing concerns and answering questions--all while maintaining a kind, tranquil and confident demeanor. It’s an impressive balancing act.

At Oro Valley Hospital, we are inspired by the multifaceted roles our nurses perform– from nurturers to teachers, evaluators, mentors, facilitators and leaders. We give special recognition during National Nurses Week which is celebrated each year from May 6 through May 12, and this officially marks the celebration’s 18th year. This particular week was chosen to coincide with two specific dates; May 6 which is National Nurses Day and May 12 which is the birthday of Florence Nightingale – long considered the founder of modern nursing. Please join us in acknowledging the difference nurses make in the quality of their patients’ lives.


Cindy Cole,

Oro Valley Hospital

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