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Good editorial


We loved the editorial comparing those two corporations.  Another good company is Starbucks.

A friend worked for the Wal-Mart on Cortaro for 10 years.  She started full-time, then the company started trying to whittle down her hours.  It also did that to many other full-timers.  Some quit out of disgust which is probably what WalMart wanted.  Mary waited until her 401(k) was fully vested, she hit SS age, then she quit.

Whenever there’s an article about Wal-Mart in the NY Times I give it to a guy in produce.  I tell him, “here’s more seditious material.”  I mentioned WalMart stopped letting the Times sell its papers there after the paper did that big expose about bribery in Mexico.  Gee, think the company is sulking?  : )

Jeff Bezos buying the Washington wonderful.  I guess no one has paid attention to the lousy working conditions at Amazon.

I gave a handful of McDonalds articles to a guy working there inside WalMart.  One was a scathing cartoon from the Times about McDonalds’ ‘budget ideas.’

Anyway, I’m going to give the editorial to the produce guy at WalMart tomorrow.


Gini Brydle,

Picture Rocks