I am a registered Republican that will not be voting for Representative Kwasman for Congress.  I recently sent two emails requesting initiation of legislation that could reduce millions of dollars of potential fraud for his constituents as well as citizens across Arizona.  I received no response to the first email and an apology in the second for not responding to the first one.  I never did receive a response to my request.  It is worth noting that I do routinely receive Representative Kwasman’s requests for funding support for his campaign.  Do my fellow Republicans think the chances will be better that I will receive a response if he joins the Washington D.C. crowd?


Ken Kinared,


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John Flanagan

Silly and childish to say you will not vote for the guy because he didn't answer your first email, then didn't give a complete response in the latest email. Give him a chance to investigate the issue you have brought up. Everybody these days seems to think their own communication is of utmost urgency, and our national rudeness and lack of patience is a result of the social media environment we have built.


Sorry John I strongly disagree with you. I too emailed Kwasman over 90 days ago asking his views and stance on a couple of issues and have not yet received a response. However, his weekly requests for funding support continue to roll in so I know he has my email address. It is currently apparent and probable that he will not act any differently if elected, but my vote will not be supporting him if he cannot send a response to a simple question by a citizen in his district.

However, his action in this regard seems to be very typical of today's professional politicians. They/he are obviously already bought by, and obligated to special interests and does not have time for the main stream voter.

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