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Questionable Reporting


What was the purpose of the front-page Explorer article, on Nov. 13, about Councilmember Zinkin? Why on Nov. 13 was the Explorer reporting old news, nearly two months after the event? The front-page headline implied there might have been criminal intent. The headline could have read, “No Laws Broken”. Who initiated this article? Was the intent to lend support to the unwarranted attempt by the Oro Valley Police Officers Association to impugn and discredit Councilmember Zinkin? Was the intent to lend support to the recall effort backed by some Oro Valley Council members and their friends?

The Explorer would better serve the Oro Valley citizens by reporting on council meetings with the same effort and level of content put into this article. Rather than occasionally referencing individuals who present opinions at council meeting,s Explorer reporters should start routinely interviewing them. This would aid in reporting the views of others. If, in an unbiased manner, The Explorer informed the residents of council’s plans and actions, perhaps residents would become more involved in the governing of Oro Valley.

Donald Bristow,

Oro Valley