It is hard to keep reading about the gun ownership  issue without getting a  little exercised about the thought process of the other party. The responses to calls for calm seem to come from only one part of the brain and separate from the area of wisdom.     is it to support the gun industry?   to keep safe from -? others like themselves? To keep safe from their government?  To be ready to help others in distress? Whatever it is it sounds somewhat hysterical and brings up my curiosity. What if we looked at the results from this hysterical pudding.   recent tallies from the more consistent red and blue states show that in year(s) following changes in gun legislation,  states allowing more guns have increased deaths by guns and states actively reducing the  presence of guns have shown significantly fewer deaths by guns.  Why not look it up for yourself if you are in disbelief. While your mind might be opened ever so slightly,  why not also think of our history. When the second amendment was written  we were still the “wild west”,   people lived widely scattered and animals and indians roamed the land freely.    land was governed by the gun. How does that relate to our living conditions now?

If we live with the idea someone is going to take something away from us that has great importance,   our behavior loses reason and hysteria replaces it. We all  need to calm down, get to know our neighbors,  say hello to passersby, take care of our friends and help whenever appropriate.  We can change our direction--and our life may depend on it.


Ashley Hodgell,


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