At first glance it is obvious that Mrs. Grimes is a Democratic party operative.  Second glance tells me that if she’s been in both Costco and Walmart, she didn’t look around much.  The Costco employees are mostly young and very fast moving.  The Walmart employees are about as opposite as could be.  I shop at both often and each serve their purpose.  Walmart has some great prices and those prices benefit many people on limited income.  If they raised the salaries the great prices would have to go and the people now benefiting would be hurt. 

 Finally, I did not see one Walmart employee that was being held at gunpoint.  All appeared free to leave on their own free will. 

 Nice try Ms. Grimes.  We have to give you a miss on this article.  Better luck next time.


Lynn McFadden,


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John Flanagan

Hey...hey....whattttttdoyamean? So the youngsters work at COSTCO, and the over the hill gang work at Walmart?
Perhaps, the silver haired gentlemen and the older females need a place to work too? Just because I visit Walmart frequently, and feel I am among my peers, it doesn't mean it goes unnoticed that the geriatric population shouldn't have a place to work!

John Flanagan

As far as Mrs Grimes being a "Democratic operative" is not true, even if she does lean more to the liberal side of issues. As an older resident and confirmed conservative, I comment frequently on her editorials to give the other side of the argument.....but remember these things take time...and it may take awhile to bring her over to our side.
Also, I am concerned that too often, in a populated area of intelligent readers, I am one of the few reading and commenting on explorer articles. Where is everyone these days? Too busy watching TV, reinventing themselves on Facebook, tweeting mindless and boring tweets?

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