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Almost agree with you


I almost completely agree with the editorial in your March 5 edition about the ridiculous legislation the Republican-dominated legislature has passed.  My only dispute is at the end of the piece, where you state, “I do not believe a Democrat-led legislature would do any better.”

On what basis do you believe Democrats are as nutty as Republicans?  

I think if you examine the last several decades (from Reagan on) you’ll find that the Republicans have gotten more and more ideological and irresponsible, while the Democrats have been steadfastly adhering to centrist policies.  

One example--the Affordable Care Act (ACA) which the Republicans delight in vilifying as “Obamacare”, a horrible lefty monstrosity, Big Government at its worst!

In fact, the ACA was based on a law put into effect in Massachusetts when Mitt Romney was the governor there, and was first proposed by a Republican think-tank to counter the much more liberal Single Player health plan.

The fact that the Republican Party now is so steadfastly opposed to a plan they supported 10 years ago shows how extremist they have become.

Can you show any similar movement to the left with the Democrats?


David Steinberg,