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Posted: Wednesday, July 18, 2012 4:00 am

Response to unknown note writer

On July 12, about noon, when I came out of Walgreens in Rancho Vistoso, I found this unsigned handwritten note under the windshield wiper of my car:  “If you are an American that believes in the American republic, how could you possibly support a Socialist incompetent mouthpiece that is destroying America.  He lies and lies and lies.” The note was on the back of a receipt from Wal-Mart. 

I am an American.  A proud, loyal, patriotic American whose government service includes one year in the National Guard, four years in the Navy and 34 years as a Foreign Service Officer.  Thirty nine years all together.  About 30 of those years were spent overseas including living in such “garden spots” as Nigeria, Haiti and East Pakistan, and traveling to about 50 more countries like the Sudan, Khartoum, Somalia, Egypt, Cuba, Venezuela, Taiwan and Oman to name just a few.  I consider I served my country well.  What is your claim of Americanism?  Leaving unsigned notes on windshields of cars? 

Your handwriting is very feminine, but don’t I believe a woman would leave a note like you did. Too bad you didn’t have the cojones to sign it. I can’t tell your age from your handwriting but I assume that you will not accept Social Security payments when your are eligible, or if you are already receiving benefits you will send a monthly check to the Treasury to reimburse the country for being paid in a system you do not believe in.  And I assume you have your own health insurance so you will decline benefits from Medicare or Medicaid or the Affordable Care Act.  Or are you hypocritical and already participate in those “socialist” programs.  Maybe you just go to Urgent Care when you don’t feel well and let the rest of us pay your medical bills.  I can see from what you purchased at Walmart that you need vitamin supplements and energy bars.  

 Your unsigned note tells me that you don’t have the moral backbone to confront me with YOUR lies and mislabeling our President as being incompetent.   With this letter you now know my name but I don’t know yours, hence this letter in the Explorer - I imagine you live in Oro Valley.  If you have any backbone you will phone me so we can discuss the lies of your presidential candidate.  

 I admit that your note is not the first unsigned missive I have received since I moved to Tucson 15 years ago.  Others were in response to letters I have written to either the Star or the Explorer, so you are not unique.  Just a coward like the others.  

 By the way, I was in Walgreens making copies of photos I took on an Honor Flight in June.  I doubt you know what an Honor Flight is.  It is a way for citizens to honor veterans.  Participating with the Honor Flight Program is just another example of my “Americanism.” 

Jerry Lujan, SaddleBrooke

Using shoulder prevents traffic jams

When there is no emergency, the breakdown lane of any roadway is a shoulder that drivers leave to others in need. But “the entitled” that Thelma Grimes rants about in her July 11 Explorer editorial are wiser than she. Using the breakdown lane to exit I-10 safely during an accident cleanup helped alleviate a congestive situation that might have turned Ms. Grimes’ 4-hour ride to 5 or more. The self-righteous vigilantes who sit in a traffic jam and see no alternative but to recklessly block or threaten and fine those drivers not only are not thinking outside the box, they are doing nothing to improve the situation. If fining drivers who use a breakdown lane to exit a highway jam caused by an accident is Ms. Grimes’s best solution to funding AZ education, shame on her. Arizona has too many bad ideas without that one. Why not raise the gas tax so fewer drivers are on I-10 when an accident happens? Bury the electric wires? Design safer medians? Those ideas are no less likely.

Lois Berkowitz, Oro Valley

Response to Don Cox

am responding to the letter from Don Cox printed in the Explorer (on July 4). I am very disappointed that it appears The Explorer did not verify facts prior to printing Mr. Cox’s letter, because if it had you would find that the outpouring of misinformation and inaccurate statements (as stated by Mr. Cox) was his own doing. 

Let’s start with what is accurate - yes, I am a councilwoman for the Town of Marana, and I was in attendance at the meeting. That is the end of the factual and accurate statements by Mr. Cox. 

What did happen was at “Call to the Public,” Conny Culver, a resident and former councilwoman for Oro Valley, read a statement that she was concerned about the number of items on the consent agenda, and thought that many of them should be placed on the agenda under “Council’s Action” so that they could be discussed separately and publicly.  She thanked the council for their attention and sat down.   

Approximately one hour and 45 minutes into the meeting, one of the council members felt the need to divert from what they were saying and surprisingly confront Ms. Culver  about a vote she made regarding a consent agenda item 7 years ago, while a sitting councilwoman for Oro Valley.   The council members comments to Ms. Culver were made in a spiteful, attacking and arrogant tone.   It was at this time I raised my hand and asked that Ms. Culver be allowed to respond to the attacks from the council member.  The Mayor denied the request.   I was not asked to depart the building, as Mr. Cox reported. I did so on my own accord about 20 minutes later. 

It was not my intent to interrupt the council meeting.  A friend asked me to attend the meeting with her so I did.  I met Conny Culver for the first time that night prior to the meeting.  But frankly, I was stunned that a council member would speak to one of their citizens in such condescending and superior tones.  And then not allow the person to defend themselves.  Additionally, for a sitting council member to criticize a decision or vote of a past council member is just in bad taste and form.

My behavior at the council meeting pales when compared to the disrespect shown by the council member to one of its citizens.   

Thank you for the opportunity to address some of the inaccurate statements made by Mr. Cox. 

Roxanne Ziegler, Marana

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