After reading Mrs. Grimes interview with Captain Al, and then reading the article about how he continues to defend corporate welfare, I can only hope (tongue in check) that Captain Al will be the nominee for Governor on the Republican ticket. 

Unfortunately, the good Captain forgot to mention that one of his plans for bringing business into Arizona is to open up a depository for nuclear waste. 

He also talks about water issues in Arizona, and referring to our good neighbor Mexico and California having plenty of ocean water, and that with 70 to 90 percent of the earth surface water being salt, we should be looking more at the desalination process.  I don’t know what Navy Al sailed with, but being a Navy veteran I know the only salt water we have is the Pacific and Atlantic oceans and unfortunately Arizona is not close to the coast.  He forgot to say how exactly would Arizona go about paying for a pipeline large enough and long enough to be of any use to Arizona.  

Then of course there is the issue to get Mexico or California to even consider building a desalination plant for the benefit of Arizona. 

But, considering Captain Al’s other statements in the past, it’s no wonder he comes with these statements.  Last year, he said that the President was elected because our K-12 system failed us.  Another statement was that he knows where all the Democrats live because they don’t have an American flag flying.  I could go on, but I think these statements stand on their own.


Clyde R. Steele,

Retired SaddleBrooke 

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