I’m a registered Democrat, but if I was non-partisan, Republican or Independent, allowing me to vote in the Republican primary election, I would vote for Scott Bartle.  Let me state why.

Scott Bartle is a listener.  He not only listens intently to what you are saying, but he also hears the words behind the message.  He isn’t memorizing his response or telling you all the good things he has done in the past.  He deals with you in the present, and respects your right to speak first.

Scott Bartle is not arrogant, nor petty.  He is not puffed up with himself and he keeps his ego in check.

Scott Bartle will not be making outlandish promises if elected.  He’s not interested in creating his me wall with all his honors and recognitions.  Rather, his persona is low-key, cautious and more in line with listening first and then working to find solutions to real problems, and not some personal and politically winning result.

Scott Bartle is committed to education, both public and private.  His experiences have taught him that our teachers and students should be our highest priority as a state and a nation.  His focus is, or hopefully will be, to seek more adequate and balanced funding, and not to place greater emphasis on one level of education at the expense of the other.  He will not be satisfied with Arizona’s current educational status.

Scott Bartle will work to see that all Arizona citizens, regardless of race, color, creed or status, have someone who keeps their interests in mind as decisions that reflect their personal outcomes are heard.

Scott Bartle will not make feckless attempts to make a name for him.  He will not pen legislation to build a fence to nowhere, be it real or virtual.  Hopefully, Scott will not be misled into thinking or supporting disproven attempts to build a 375 mile and 15 foot high fence that has barely raised enough to build the first mile.  

Scott Bartle will work to collaborate with his fellow legislative members, and not adopt some divide and conquer attitude.  He is no better than those who will wear differing political stripes, and will not hesitate to work across the aisle.  He will not work to radicalize the opposition, but hopefully will work with and accept contributions each party can bring to the benefit of all persons in LD 11, and the entire state of Arizona.

Scott Bartle will be an independent thinker as issues are discussed and will not, hopefully, be identified as a regular and expected party vote.  This legislature needs people who stand for something, and not for and/or against everything.  

Vote for him Aug. 26.


Bill Burns,


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