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Red light ticket issue


I have been following your columns on the camera ticket you’ve received. While reading news online from my former community in Michigan, I read about plans to install red light cameras in a smaller town (Howell) in Livingston County. Reading the comments revealed information on the way Florida handled this. The company installed the equipment and maintained it for free. Tickets were $158 with the community getting $83 and the balance going to the equipment company. Also, by decreasing the yellow light duration time from 4.3 seconds, to 3.9 seconds you could issue more tickets. Another complaint was that there were no statistics available in the Florida community to show the cameras made the intersections safer rather than just being money machines for the local governments. Once drivers were aware of the cameras, there were concerns that they would break harder to avoid being ticketed and cause more rear end collisions. No statistics were available for that either. I just found it interesting that there were ways to tweak the camera ticket situation to benefit the communities drive to extract more money from the citizens without calling it a tax.


Chris Polk,