In responding to the letter in the July 16 issue of the Explorer, let me begin by saying how humorous the piece would have been had the writer not been serious in what he correctly referred to as “venting.” His problem? Being continually ticketed by the Oro Valley police for exceeding the speed limit, which he did not deny doing. What am I missing here?


No, what he did was not “the crime of the century,” nor even one of an “egregious” nature; but it was still a crime — look up the word in the dictionary — so in this one particular area the writer does not precisely fit the “law abiding citizen” label he attaches to himself. And it’s hardly “petty” harassment for him to be taken to task for it.

Our fine Oro Valley police force has the same greatly difficult and thankless task as does law enforcement everywhere — dealing with such a high percentage of law breakers on our streets and highways. 

Were they to look the other way, and not “harass” those breaking the law, we would have even more people willing to take their chances at getting caught. It’s hard enough already for those obeying the speed laws to maneuver through traffic lanes for any upcoming turn with all the speeders coming up from behind. (Ever wonder why there are so many slow drivers in the left lane preparing for a turn that may still be a mile or more ahead?)

The letter writer spoke of the stress at getting pulled over. What about the stress most people feel at the prospect of getting caught in the first place? 

The solution? Obey the law. It’s that simple.

Not only do I not get continually “harassed” by the police, I actually have to seek them out when I wish to thank them for their efforts in maintaining order on our streets, in everything from the speeding problem to the situation where it’s become the norm during the first few seconds of a red light for that to be nothing more than a suggestion that people actually stop.

Our letter writer spoke of serving in the Marine Corps, for which we all owe him a sincere debt of gratitude. Does he consider it harassment when the MP’s at Camp Lejeune or Camp Pendleton ticket people for driving 26 mph in a 25 zone? I’ve known that to happen.


To bring in a comparison to the old East German state to this discussion would be laughable if it weren’t so egregiously misplaced. I’m thinking they would have even had a problem with him holding a coffee cup while driving.

I’ll now close my letter with the exact words used in the letter that I’m responding to: Thank you very much Oro Valley Police.



Mike Tupper, 

Oro Valley

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