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Disgusted with ad


The Explorer printed Zinkin’s response to the Hiremath column asking for Zinkin’s recall. Right next to Zinkin’s response was a large ad titled “Recall Mike Zinkin” that was paid for by the organization that appears to be directing this recall. I phoned Explorer Managing Editor Thelma Grimes to find out how this could take place. She informed me that the organization requested this placement and paid an extra amount of money for the placement.

The fact that the organization that placed the ad had pre-knowledge that Zinkin’s response would be in the Jan. 1 edition makes this situation even more deplorable. I would like to suggest that The Explorer needs to communicate in the next edition how they came to the decision to accept this ad and the extra money to place it where they did.

It appears that the voters of Oro Valley will be subjected to a lot of “information” during this attempted recall. Much of that will come in the form of ads, opinions and news printed in The Explorer. I, for one, hope that they maintain a very high standard of fairness in their responsibility of informing the public.


Chuck Davis,

Oro Valley