Transit provides service to “Shop Oro Valley”

I am a resident of Oro Valley and a member of Friends of Oro Valley Transit (formerly Friends of Coyote Run).  In partnership with the Regional Transportation Authority (RTA) Oro Valley is privileged to offer its citizens transportation throughout our town and beyond.  Historically an effective service utilized by only a minimum of residents, our town transportation system has grown to include travel opportunities for all our citizens.

 The service is reasonably priced and offers a reduced fee for qualified disabled citizens. Any citizen can use the system within the boundaries of Oro Valley for whatever reason (doctor appointments, shopping for groceries, entertainment, educational opportunities, or just to visit a friend.)  The partnership with the RTA also allows citizens to travel to and from the Tucson metropolitan area.  This can be done with transfers to the Sun Tran system or, in some cases, may be direct with no transfers at all.  All questions about your transportation opportunities can be answered by calling 229-4990.

 It is important to highlight our public transportation capabilities as we enter the season of celebration.  Shopping for the Christmas season has begun.  We should all take advantage of the “Shop Oro Valley” Holiday Campaign November 1, 2012 thru Jan. 2, 2013.  Spend at least $25 at any Oro Valley business and enter your receipt into a drawing for prizes sponsored by local businesses.  Receipts can be turned in to the Town Hall.  This contest is open to residents and visitors. There are Friday weekly drawings and the final prize is a $500 gift card to the Oro Valley Marketplace.  Why not support our local businesses and keep our tax dollars here in Oro Valley?  

 And why not let our transit system help you to get around Oro Valley in this special time of year?  Enjoy the freedom of independence.  Celebrate life.


Carol Hunter,

Friends of Oro Valley Transit


Continental Reserve dog park issues

In regards to all you Continental Reserve folks that barked anonymously about the Dog Park proposed by the caring folks at BARK, it looks like you got your way. So many of you voiced your opinions that they have put the project on hold.

This is truly hypocritical, but not surprising, considering the HOA board was against this and rattled enough of your cages to act in the Board President’s favor.

By your logic, the Rattlesnake Ridge School should never have been built. You complain about dogs barking. What about kids yelling and disrupting the neighborhood on their way to and from school? And what about the cars lined up on the streets picking up the little ones? It’s disruptive to those who live in Paseo Crossings.

 And what about the “dog feces”? 

Hey, how many of you actually pick up after your own dogs when you walk them?

Did you actually look at the plans? 

The landscaping is ten times better than many people living in Continental Reserve have, because you have either shut off the water to your plants, or just let them grow wild; or you are a landlord of a rental and hey, why should I pay for landscaping. Let the renters do it, except they don’t.


Willie Roberson,


Welcoming the F-35

November 20th was a great day for Arizona. It was the day that our state welcomed the first F-35 fighter jet to the Yuma air base. It is hopefully the beginning of a long relationship with the best and most advanced fighter jet in the world, and hopefully we will see it at Davis Monthan very soon. I know that Mayor Honea has been very supportive of the project, and I hope that other mayors join him in his support. This jet is important to our country, our state, and our local economy.


Kelly Stein,


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