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Is history a reliable harbinger of future wars?


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AZNana: I believe Mr. Greco has conveniently forgotten that President George H. W. Bush went into Iraq, if I’m not mistaken he is a Republican. Also George W. Bush went into Iraq and Afghanistan. Oh gee, he is a Republican too but Mr. Greco seems to have forgotten these two wars. Or where they just skirmishes?

Oro Valley

Friday, September 6, 2013, 4:30 pm

John Flanagan

John Flanagan: Although I as ardently opposed to the policies and platform of the Democrats, and have been for decades, I believe it might be a stretch to blame Democratic Presidents for wars which happened in the past 100 years. World Wars I and II were unavoidable due to aggression on the parts of Germany, Italy, and Japan.
As for Korea, we mistakingly considered it a police action and underestimated Chinese intervention. General MacArthur was itching for a fight and he pushed the Chinese despite their warnings. Korea was a mistake, but unfortunately there were Republican neocons also looking for a fight.
As a Vietnam veteran and former Marine who saw action, it was also a war that escalated and was not to be won due to the political opposition here, and lack of an effective strategy. Eisenhower warned Kennedy and Johnson that they had to go all out and win it, or just stay out of the Vietnam conflict. Both Democrats and Republicans have been responsible for America's foreign misadventures.
It is important to read history from several sources, and I am not well read enough to be an expert, however, I read Eisenhower's biography, and in Ike's own words, he told how the neocons in his own administration, like Dean Rusk,had the gall to push for a preemptive nuclear attack against Russia and China. Ike was clear and forceful about not starting a war, and he ordered the neocons to stand down.
In my view, Obama is one of our worst Presidents, and if he has boxed himself into the " red line" idea, and given his enormous ego, he is sure to get us into another messy foreign intervention. Sadly, Republicans like MCCain, Graham, and others are among the barking dogs on the sideline looking for a fight. Our country has so many problems, yet these politicians are interested in continuing a state of war indefinitely. God save us from all of our own leaders.

Wednesday, September 4, 2013, 9:16 am

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