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The new American way

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Posted: Wednesday, July 23, 2014 4:00 am

This is not a garden variety letter to the editor. I am not complaining about the Oro Valley Town government, the traffic on Oracle Road, the driving habits of snowbirds, or the herd of Javelina that sometimes peek at me over the small wall in front of my house in Rancho Vistoso.

  No. The above things are just part of life in Oro Valley. People who lived here 150 years ago had it far worse. Oracle Road was a mere trail, you might run into renegade Apaches on your way to the original Trader Joe’s, (there must have been a place called “Trader Joe’s” sounds so appropriate). How about those early settlers who, not knowing the landscape, built their little cabins in the path of unidentified washes, and those European travelers who never saw a cactus before sitting too close to one. And with only a scant number of sheriffs and lawmen in Pima County, it had to be a a bit disconcerting dealing with horse thieves and gunslingers....but yet people were tough and up to the challenge, which brings me up to my point.

  Watching television, as most retirees do, has educated me to the reality that the people who made America great have been replaced by a new type of American. The new American has great technology, media, Facebook, computers, cellphones....but the new American is really changing into a puerile and immature personality with a short, impatient attention span, is entirely a narcissist and self focused, politically ignorant of anything beyond a sound byte or slogan, and very much attuned to accept the idea that stupid is good, more stupid is better, being a moron will bring you fame, and talent is not talent anymore....talent is what a dumb audience considers talent. To make matters worse....the stupid persona is being reproduced in American youngsters, who are continually exposed to immature adult role models, crass and vulgar language, promiscuity presented as virtue, and fun as the ultimate goal in life.

   Scroll through the cable shows, “Honey Boo Boo,”  Leah Rimini’s “Relatives,” and “Lizard Lick Towing” as well as the silly comedy shows, complete with liberal “anything goes” casts of nitwits, lots of “Jersey Shore” type drama, “Housewives of Atlanta” is such a wasteland of curse words, flattery, contrived conflicts, and on......this is entertainment for the contemporary American?  And Hollywood, whose liberal celebrities hate the second Amendment while churning out the most graphic scenes of gratuitous violence in its sordid history, feeds the public with all the mayhem and sex it can produce.  The way I see it, I think we are witnessing the dumbing down of the American personality, and the transformation of this and future generations into a people sharing characteristic traits which would make our founders cringe.


John J Flanagan, 

Oro Valley

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