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Not voting for bonds


Mr. Sullivan, who claims to be a registered Republican, which is interesting, since he was Sharon Bronson’s campaign manager.  Sharon Bronson is a Democrat.  He is also her Representative on the Bonds Committee. So that tells me he is a RINO (Republican in name only). 

Well,  with all of his “expertise”, he apparently does not have a clue how the average voter sees the bond process.  Many voters thought, when they voted for the road bonds, it was also to fix the existing roads, but instead it was only for new roads. 

The voters are also tired of voting for bonds that state it is for one thing on the ballot and the funds are moved after being voted yes, to pay for something else not listed on the ballot.  So I, and many others, would not vote in favor of any Pima County bond.


Geri Ottoboni,

Oro Valley