Almost six months have passed since the tragic massacre at Sandy Hook, and still eruptions of senseless gunfire continue to take innocent lives. It happens repeatedly, randomly, and all too often. 

The simple pattern of somebody nurturing a grudge, buying a gun, and adding to the carnage results in an average of 33 needless deaths per day in this country.  All from gunshots.  In no way should this be acceptable. 

Somehow too many have been lulled into complacency concerning gun violence partly because we have been bullied into the notion that requiring a background check of gun purchases is grabbing away rights of citizens when all it takes is a few minutes.  While we do nothing to stop the violence, widespread depression descends, and with it more mad acts of aggression.

This paralyzing numbness has especially settled into Congress where once well-meaning Senators and Representatives do nothing but turn their backs, lose credibility, and empower the dangerously mentally ill.

Meanwhile on the home front, it’s a sad state that we are in when we can no longer send our children or grandchildren out the door without fearing for their lives. 

Those who cherish the second amendment are asking far too much when they insist that no requirements and no limitations be applied to gun ownership. We need laws that apply to everyone to protect everyone.  Forget “inconvenience” and quit blaming a few bad apples. We are all responsible. Sadly, those who stand in the way of background checks for gun ownership are enablers.


Kathleen Pastryk,

Oro Valley 

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