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Upset by changes in Continental Ranch

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Posted: Wednesday, April 17, 2013 4:00 am

Are you one of the residents living in Continental Ranch who was shocked to see your Waste Management bill this past March double? Yes?...maybe…but only if you are a person who is disabled, alone and unable to put out your own trash without the help of WM. Why did this happen to those of us who are disabled? John Lambert created this problem for the disable community. You had your bill soar…mine was upped from $47.88 to $87.16. All other resident’s bills in CRCA remained as they were.

As soon as I received my bill, I called WM for more information. I was advised that the contract signed at the beginning of the 2013 year was negotiated with John Lambert. His signature was on that contract.

What to do about this discrimination against the disabled? I contacted the Arizona disability law program where I discovered that Waste Management and John Lambert, the man holding the position of President of Continental Ranch, had violated federal law, more specifically the American Disability Act  (ADA).

After submitting my WM bill to the Arizona disability law program, Waste Management brought our bills back down to what they had been prior to John Lambert’s negotiation.

What to do to make this man accountable for violating ADA federal law? In this regard, Mr. Lambert had disgraced his position as Continental Ranch President. What to do to correct this? He must resign immediately from his presidency. Do we want a man who has discriminated against the disabled in our community, representing us?

In the last Windmill HOA newsletter, the Board tried to put out to the people about how caring they are about both the residents and community. That being so, where does discrimination fit into this picture?

One last item related to Mr. Lambert. Several years back, we, the residents worked so very hard to keep a cell tower out of our community. Who voted FOR that cell tower? John Lambert…all other members of that board voted against it. An HOA president’s responsibility is to look after the well being of the community. In this case, no law was violated…but by voting for a cell tower, that installation would have made our property values plummet as well as creating significant health issues for many of us living here…those living closest to that cell tower would have been that much more impacted by emf radiation. We stood up, spoke out and became active. Kudos to all who became involved…we have no toxic cell tower in Continental Ranch.

What can you do as a Continental Ranch resident? There is a sizable group of homeowners who have been in the process of getting signatures for a recall election. Your name is vital to the success in having an HOA, which is not abusing its power.

Please feel comfortable in contacting me at 579-8662 in the evening. Due to my being in a wheelchair, I will connect you with a member of our group who will come to your home at a time that works for you to add your valuable signature to our growing list. Know how important you are in creating change in a Continental Ranch which functions in the best interest of all its residents.


Sharon Schwartz,

Continental Ranch

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  • CRCARRESIDENT posted at 8:08 pm on Wed, Apr 17, 2013.


    Get the facts straight Sharon! There is no contract between Waste Mngmt. and CRCA. The last contract expired in October of 2012 and there has been no contract signed by ANYONE with CRCA! Ms Schwartz's rates were raised because she did not provide WM with documentation of her disability. Once she did she was put back to her original rate. Mr Lambert never negotiated rates or signed a contract with WM! As far as voting for the cell tower- there was never any vote taken on the cell tower so how did he vote for it? Apparently you do not like Mr Lambert but at least don't make false statements to question his integrity.


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