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Work to restore Democratic form

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Posted: Wednesday, March 13, 2013 4:00 am

The opinions against David Safier and the partisan column by Senator Al Melvin show how much work must be done to restore our State to a Democratic form of government, a Republic, a government of, by and for the majority of the people. That is what David Safier was celebrating.  I am at a loss to identify anything Senator Al Melvin has voted for to help Pima County residents.  He is proud to carry out the agenda of his Republican friends in Phoenix.  We voted for a tax increase to be used for education.  Melvin voted to put the money in the General Fund. When Melvin talks of schools, he is talking about private schools, which can be owned by individuals for a profit.  It they fail, the owner can keep all the school capital assets paid for by tax monies.  Melvin also voted to deny Pima County its share for the Regional Transportation Authority money and to allow the recall of the Rio Nuevo development funds. Using his “hit woman”, Terry Proud, Melvin so intimidated the Redistricting Board, that he assured his re-election by getting an 11 to 16 point advantage against other candidates for his job. 

Senator Melvin’s largest negative impact has been in the Corporate Commission arena.  He has lobbied for the nuclear and coal industries and not much for the use of solar energy as the public wants. His plan for a nuclear waste reactor and for the mining industries, which are water intense, disregards warnings from the water experts that the desert is not the place for these activities.  The Corporate Commission is removing all rebates for solar industries in favor of Melvin’s misguided plans.

 Senator Melvin seems to be operating the State government as an aristocracy or oligopoly where a few party members control and ignore the public which he was elected to represent, as in a democracy.


Benjamin F. Love,

Oro Valley

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