Enough already with Mr. Zinkin.  Please stop. You’ve no proof as to what transpired between the two women and Mr. Zinkin. Yet, you’ve devoted no small amount of space week after week in The Explorer to a boring (for readers) non-issue. The poor horse has been dead for over a month, so why go on beating it? What are you trying to prove? We got the message, women are to be respected, not insulted.

I’ve formed a picture of a witch stirring her caldron, mixing unconfirmed accusations, slanted opinions, he said she said, etc., to create a brew that has needlessly sullied the image and reputation of the Town of Oro Valley, which desires better. 

You’ve done your duty to the feminist cause. Your insistent pursuit of justice for the women who claim to have been insulted is admirable.  I’m sure they feel vindicated and empowered by the support given by The Explorer. 

Now it’s time to move on and let the election process finally settle the matter.


Tony Greco, 

Oro Valley

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Tony...It is unclear where you really stand on the Zinkin issue.

There is proof. It is documented in the legal office of the Town of Oro Valley. There are dates, witnesses, and a record of the comments made.

The only 'witch' and caldron in this entire mess is Councilman Zinkin. Had he simply conducted himself as a gentleman and responsible human being, ALL of this could have been avoided.

A Citizen

(1) If the Zinkin recall were a boring non-issue for readers (or for Oro Valley citizens generally), why are you writing a letter to the editor about it? Why are so many people writing letters and engaging in political activities over a non-issue?

(2) Your sarcastic tone in the middle two paragraphs reeks of chauvinism.

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