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History repeats itself


In a recent speech on the Senate floor, Texas Republican Senator Ted Cruz, slammed the Affordable Care Act (ACA), relating it to Nazism. It wasn’t the first time Republicans mentioned Hitler or Nazism when referring to the Democratic party.

In the last national election, members of a small relatively unknown extreme right faction of the GOP were elected.  It wasn’t expected they would be recognized as “players” in the scheme of things, being so few and inexperienced.  How wrong everyone was!  They are the tail that is wagging the dog.  Their self-proclaimed leader seems to be young, first term senator, Ted Cruz - a charismatic speaker.

His whole theater of nonsense reminded me of a former house painter who later became a private in the German Army, joined the National Socialist German Party at 31 and became Chancellor and dictator when he was only 44.  We all know the “rest of the story”.

One doesn’t have to be a history buff to see some similarities.


Jerry Lujan,