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Posted: Wednesday, October 24, 2012 4:00 am

Vote against Babeu

Paul Babeu’s lies never quit — they just get more outrageous. His latest target is Pinal County Attorney James Walsh, and why is he going after Mr. Walsh? Because he can’t control him, that’s why.  Attorney Walsh has stood up to Babeu’s bullying and has refused to cave in to his ridiculous demands. Because there’s nothing in Walsh’s record or performance to criticize, Babeu has been flat out making stuff up. He throws out crazy numbers that have already been discredited by the experts about how Walsh never puts anyone in jail. It’s nonsense of course — and frankly, if the sheriff is that worried about criminals in the county, he should go out and find them, which is his job, rather than spend his time and taxpayer money campaigning for himself and his friends. He’s so busy promoting Voyles, (who is his designated flunky), Cheryl Chase (his hand-picked supervisor candidate — and employee!) that he doesn’t have a minute to spare to actually do his job. James Walsh is about the only one in the county who can and will stand up to this bully. He’s also honest, professional and ethical. Please give him your vote.

Mary Desio, Apache Junction

Thoughts on Continental Ranch

I am a resident of Continental Ranch and member of the Election Committee.

As such, I must dispute the erroneous statements made in your publication earlier.

 Our board of directors does not act on sole “source contracts.” This diligent board follows proper procedure and always obtains multiple bids.

 Regarding written complaints from homeowner to homeowner – this is strictly governed by our CC&R’s. Moreover, it is a most sound conflict management method. A major dictate of conflict management is: “refer the person, not the problem.”  In other words, if one has a complaint, make your complaint known directly to the person(s) involved rather than just spreading discontent throughout the community thereby exacerbating the problem.

Whose judgment is this? “Homebuyers are more concerned with your neighbor’s yards and our year-round pool than they are with common area landscaping.” Is this the consensus of realtors and surveyed homeowners? I for one, bought here because of two well-maintained swimming pools. And our common areas are most pleasant, probably enhanced and maintained second to none.

 Regarding hiring a CPA: the election process was “changed” to better follow the Association’s Bylaws as well as the state of Arizona’s requirement that all ballots cast be able to be verified as to who cast them.

Moreover, the CPA and the Election Committee have worked with the counsel of our attorney every step of the way in developing and implementing election procedures.

 Regarding Mr. Lambert dismissing the experienced and so-called impartial election committee: The “impartial election committee” signed a petition for Mr. Lambert (who is one of the running candidates) to resign (6 of the 12 members of the “impartial committee). How is that “impartial”?

If you were running for office, would you want the people who are counting your ballots to be the same folks who signed a petition for you to be removed from that position? These same folks refused to follow the election procedures that were recommended by the Association’s legal counsel; they insisted that the only way they would be involved was to ignore the legal advice and run the election the way they saw fit. This same “experienced” committee held a meeting without proper notice to the community when preparing the procedures they chose to adopt.

This is not in the best interest of homeowners. Under Mr. Lambert’s leadership, our current board is fair, impartial, understanding and most thoughtful in deliberations and decisions. I have twice served as President of my homeowner’s association: I know how a good one operates. We’re fortunate to have Mr. Lambert and others serving countless volunteer hours on our behalf.

 John Abraham, Tucson

Obama can’t keep promises

Referring to the promises that President Obama made:  promises cannot be kept when a recalcitrant Congress, no, change that to an out-and-out obstructionist Congress, does not even pretend to compromise.  A broken promise is NOT a lie.  Even though the Democrats had a majority in the Senate for a time, it did not have a filibuster-proof majority. And add to that the Minority Leader, Mitch McConnell, who vowed to make Obama a “one term president,”and do you have?  Nothing, absolutely no progress for the country.  The Republicans have demonstrated time after time that they are more interested in party politics than in getting the problems of this nation solved.

During the years the Democrats had a majority in the Senate - once by a one-vote margin - they had the 60 votes required to choke off a filibuster only for three weeks. No wonder President Barack Obama can’t get anything passed.  The sole purpose of  filibusters is to obstruct the Democratic majority and the president, as Republican senators have admitted.  A senator’s first duty is to the nation, second to the state because what is good for the country is good for the state. It is not unusual for a Republican politician to sign a pledge to Grover Norquist to not raise taxes even as they file for election. Shame on them. 

 Jerry Lujan, SaddleBrooke

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1 comment:

  • Smokey posted at 9:47 am on Wed, Oct 24, 2012.

    Smokey Posts: 25

    Mr. Lujan seems to have gotten amnesia with regard to the Obama record of keeping promises because he hasn't come through on most of them. He is a typical politician who tells a particular audience what they want to hear in the hope of getting their campaign donations and votes.
    He had my support four years ago and the hope that he would come through on his promises, but he failed and will not accept responsibility for anything that is not successful, and that's a short list. He has become the blamer-in-chief insisting, as Mr. Lujan mentioned, that it was not his fault he did not produce on his promises. And even though he had Washington under his full control, House and Senate, for his first two years in office, he blames his lack of leadership and failures on everyone else. He has been a disappointment, and often an embarrassment when making comments about our country while traveling abroad.
    Mr. Lujan is a perfect example of why the country remains in an economic quagmire, he does not want to see the stream of failures within this administration and attempts to use blame and guilt as a smoke and mirrors defense.
    We were promised change, and we got it, only not the kind that strengthened the country, it weakened it. It is time for another change in the White House. We, the American people, expected and deserve better than what we have gotten over the past four years.


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