Opinion writer Richard Brinkley never ceases to inform us how totally misinformed and biased   he is.  This political gadfly seems to have the true facts on every subject that he writes about.  Recently he attempted to inform us about the Common Core Standards, but his ideas came right from the play book American Legislative Exchange Council, a well founded and politically connected Republican group who’s main agenda is to overturn law’s that have to do with protecting the rights of the middle class. Mr. Brinkley is of course entitled to his personal opinion, but the fact that he is published quite a few times in The Explorer makes it seem that he is a paid staff member of The Explorer and should be subject to the same journalism rules as the rest of the paid staff.  I’m sure that everyone who writes for The Explorer and is getting a salary is subject to the same rule of good journalism. The fact that there are no tag lines at the end of his articles stating his credentials, or educations level, or any other pertinent information about him tells me that he has no credentials other than just his personal opinion.  When I read a story such as his, I would like to be able to think that what I am reading an article with facts behind them. Unfortunately, opinions are not based on facts.  A letter writer a few weeks ago mentioned that Mr. Brinkley is the Chair of the LD 11 Republican.  Now that in it-self told me that what I’m reading is politically bias. One more thing about the past article: he mentioned a person recently released from prison as if that person shouldn’t be given a second chance.   

I think Mr. Brinkley went past the bounds of civility, and unless he has some proof that this person is guilty of something, he has better keep his fingers crossed that there is not civil action taken against him.


Clyde R. Steele,


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